October Stats post 2–as La Nina shows her stuff at The Bates Motel


Yesterday afternoon’s view from The Bates Motel. That’s my lamp’s reflection in the middle of the pic.

La Niña translates from Spanish as "the girl-child". The term "La Niña" has recently become the conventional meteorological label for the opposite of the better known El Niño.

The term La Niña refers to the extensive cooling of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean. In Australia (particularly eastern Australia), La Niña events are associated with increased probability of wetter conditions.

Changes to the atmosphere and ocean circulation during La Niña events include:

  • Cooler than normal ocean temperatures across the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.
  • Increased convection or cloudiness over tropical Australia, Papua New-Guinea, and Indonesia.
  • Stronger than normal (easterly) trade winds across the Pacific Ocean (but not necessarily in the Australian region).
  • High (positive) values of the SOI (Southern Oscillation Index).

A La Niña event is sometimes called an anti-ENSO (anti-El Niño-Southern Oscillation) event.” – Source BOM.

Well this summer seems set to be wet…

Stats: my other blogs

Photoblog: 665 in October and 665 in September!

Ninglun’s Specials: 1,136 in October and 1,055 in September.

Floating Life: 3,323 in October and 3,020 in September.

April 06 to Nov 07: 3,101 in October and 2,416 in September.

English/ESL: 18,473 in October and 11,843 in September. That’s an average 596 a day in October!!! BEST EVER!!!