October stats: 1

Here’s how sunset on 31 October looked from The Bates Motel:


And here’s how Sitemeter’s profile of the Floating Life blogs looked after midnight:



But this blog, according to WordPress, is down a bit for October: 2026 views compared with 2113 in October. More on the individual sites tomorrow.

The top page views in October were:

  1. Home page 704
  2. Nostalgia and the globalising world 112
  3. Atheists on the NY mosque 73
  4. Has school bullying increased? 68
  5. A very personal Australia Day 26 January 63
  6. Blogging–a side-track 56
  7. Howard on Q&A – 1 42
  8. Election 2010 next Saturday 36
  9. Hijab-wearing Aussie Scot honoured by Rome 34
  10. The Rainbow Warrior 34

A post which has attracted much attention lately is Admiring ex-Big Brother star David Graham (20 October 2006). This is because there is an episode of Australian Story about him tonight at 8pm on ABC. I commend it to you.

What happens when you come out on a national TV reality show in front of more than a million people?

For David Graham, the family fallout from such a public confession has been full of drama.

Destined for a life on the land, he was born and bred to take over the family property in rural Queensland. But a fraught relationship with his father and a desire to explore the rest of the world led David far afield. By 2006, after a gay bashing, he signed up for Big Brother with the hope that he could raise awareness on gay issues. The decision took David’s family by surprise and left his future as the inheritor of the family farm in doubt.

Four years later, he’s attempting to reconcile his sexuality with his desire to be a farmer, a father and a force within the National Party.


Just saw the Farmer Dave story on Australian Story: excellent, and surprise appearance by Barnaby Joyce. Just shows our preconceptions can be wrong…