Blogging–a side-track

Blame Marcellous! I was fascinated by the sites he linked to in his comment yesterday, so John Howard can wait.

As you will see someone has been mapping the Oz Blogosphere:

Axel Bruns has extracted some 2.6 million hyperlinks and come up with some very pretty data mapping the Australian blogosphere for the first time:

what we’re already seeing in the network is a relatively large cluster of sites on the left of the graph, made up of sites (MSM as well as blogs) that deal predominantly with news and politics. In addition to domestic and international news sites, various Australian political blogs (such as Larvatus Prodeo, Club Troppo, John Quiggin, Peter Martin, Catallaxy Files, and the suite of Crikeyblogs) appear as prominent nodes in the network (on both the indegree and eigenvector centrality counts). Many smaller – that is, less prominent – blogs cluster around them, but receive comparatively fewer inlinks. There’s even likely to be some further subdivision within this overall cluster, but I wouldn’t want to speculate too much on this point until we’ve had a chance to further clean our data.

Don’t ask me what “indegree and eigenvector centrality counts” are! But these captures from the PDF file of the chart are fascinating.




Jim Belshaw and Adrian Phoon, please note. Smile


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