First Wollongong medical “emergency” today

People are sometimes a bit dubious about the level of medical care in The Gong; Dr C for example told me if ever I was sick to hightail it back to Sydney.

Well there was no doing that today when my right leg seized up as I was walking from The Bates Motel to Wollongong Library; it had also happened on Sunday when I did a Mount Keira Road walk. Painful.

I hobbled on to the local bulk-billing Medical Centre: crowded, but not too bad. The doc I saw thought it was probably muscular, as did I, but he wasn’t 100% sure (given my age) that it was not deep vein thrombosis, so at 4 pm I bussed to a vascular specialist and had an ultrasound. The ultrasound woman congratulated me on my fine leg muscles – the only muscles apart perhaps from the jaw that might deserve such a compliment. Fortunately I don’t have a thrombosis, so consequently I am still hobbling a bit but am not in hospital.

A very Wollongong touch back at the Medical Centre was that while waiting for the people to book the ultrasound (an “emergency” – hence the same day service) a teenage boy with razor scooter sitting beside me started to tell me jokes. Nice lad. Can’t remember things like that so much in Surry Hills.

Oh and last night’s Q&A? Tomorrow.

The sun set over The Bates Motel an hour ago.