South Sydney Herald lunch today

I set off very early from Wollongong:


Surprised to see a Sydney Girls High student boarding the 6.30 train to Sydney. Now that’s a long way just to go to school…

After coffee at The Juice & Java in Surry Hills, also buying there a supply of Coffee Roaster beans to take back to Wollongong, I went to Teachers’ Eye Care for an overdue test. I am graduating to multifocals and being checked again for some perhaps glaucoma, but otherwise all is well. Then to Sydney Boys for an HSC English day visit.

Lunch was organised by the South Sydney Herald/South Sydney Uniting Church people at Tripod Cafe in Redfern.


Received a giftie and many kind words; later there is to be the gift of a framed front page of SSH including my front pager on the African Muslim Youth in our area.


Tomorrow some pics of the people at the lunch.