Morning drama in Mount Keira Road

This morning soon after 7am there was a large blue flash followed by amazing fireworks as a high tension cable came down just outside The Bates Motel.

Power is still off.




Still no power at 10.40 am.


Apparently a suicidal bird caused the problem.


2 thoughts on “Morning drama in Mount Keira Road

  1. Mate, after living in Surry Hills you call that drama???

    The signal sound in Surry Hills is a siren, generally an ambulance on the way to another OD.

    We lived there for 4 1/2 years and got to see most things that there are to see, especially on the morning after the Gay Mardi Gras parade. One of many incidents comes to mind. I was walking down Bourke Street on my way to the newsagent around 0700 when I encountered two young men and a young woman in her underwear, no sign of her clothes. They were pleasantly pissed. The two blokes had the girl by the arms and legs and were making simulated intercourse movements on a lamp post with her legs spread.

    I think they expected me to be shocked but I merely remarked : ‘I’ll rent you a room for an hour if you wish. I live nearby’.

    They paused for a minute then had a good laugh before releasing the girl and going on their way.

    Then there was a young woman, high on something, on Oxford Street one Saturday morning. She was just in front of me and I would not have noticed her had she not bent over to fix her shoe, thereby revealing all under a very short skirt, sans knickers. About 20 of us got the full view. She then flashed the motorists at Crown Street while waiting for the lights to change. Only in New York City have I heard more car horns blown.

  2. We had this happen a few weeks back down my side street, but I only found out about it the day after when I walked down the street to find the cable still down. Had a chat to one of the neighbours who had the cable hanging from the pole out front of his house, running all the way down to the playground.

    He said that the police were out the previous day after calls were made telling them that kids were playing with the cable. Surprisingly, ETSA (the old Electricity Trust now only in charge of managing the infrastructure) were only out to fix it 25 hours after the shennanigans began!

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