Thanks to all of you…

Half a million!



One thought on “Thanks to all of you…

  1. Grats! I think my site topped 49 views last year sometime. You seem to be doing a little better than me :).

    But I come bearing some very bad news. As you know, the greatest Australian to ever live is John Howard, followed closely by Timothy Blair. Pretty much everyone knows that. But you may NOT know who’s tied for third place. It’s all of the members of AC/DC, living or dead.

    I bring you this news 10 years after the fact, but it’s so horrible, I thought I’d make sure you knew about it. Someone has ‘mericanized AC/DC. Worse yet, they’ve “Southern ‘mericanized” them! Here’s video proof. Even worse still , the song is kind of catchy.

    (pretty good fake outrage, huh? *polishing fingernails*)

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