Sunday in Waterloo and Surry Hills

I spent yesterday in my old haunts, travelling up by express bus since the trains aren’t running because of track work.


At South Sydney Uniting Church some nice words of farewell were  said to me, and I joined birthday celebrations for the amazing Julie McCrossin (left) and Nicole Fleming. That’s Nicole on the right. Naomi, a carer, is in the centre.


After that lunch at The Trinity Bar with Sirdan and P. Then to Central Station for another express bus home.


I sat next to a very nice young man who warned me about half-way into the journey that he was about to vomit, having had the foresight to bring his own plastic  bag for the purpose. When we arrived in Wollongong I congratulated him for vomiting so quietly and discreetly.


3 thoughts on “Sunday in Waterloo and Surry Hills

  1. Hey Neil, please post something I disagree with. It’s just not as fun agreeing with you as it is disagreeing with you. Post something about AGW being just about to destroy the world, or that the government can care for us better than we can ourselves if we just give them all of our money.

    Maybe another article about how the religion of death and destruction is actually a religion of peace? Thanks in advance.

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