Bloody frogs

So here I am sitting watching the sun making silver the waves breaking on North Beach as I quietly enjoy a skim flat white. Not Surry Hills.

Yesterday afternoon when I got back from Sydney after the final Elizabeth Street day my neighbour, R, a friendly young guy, fed me with sausages, which the other neighbour, P the Poet, was also offered but declined. P is suffering from some terminal illness, it appears.

Last night strange noises kept me awake for a while. I searched my room at the Bates Motel for a source of these weird clickings, to no avail. Eventually I worked out it was frogs outside. Yes, frogs.

Not used to all this Nature. 😉


4 thoughts on “Bloody frogs

  1. I’m curious if you’re going to continue to be kissy-face with nature now that you’re starting to live in it a tiny bit. It’s always amazed me that people who live in cities and don’t know any better think that nature is good. It’s not.

    It looks like Wallaballoon is just a suburb though, so you might not get to experience the full force of nature at her wickedest. Still, it’s a start. Next, plan a move to WA! I’d pay money to see that :).

  2. From a young age in Sydney I was always taught to shake my shoes before putting them on. Why? Funnel-webs. Yes, even in the city and suburbs they sometimes some in to houses and take up residence overnight in shoes left on the floor. See Australian spiders.

    And that’s just the spiders. Then there are the snakes…

    I’m sure the bush near here is just crawling with them.

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