Australia – Election 2010 decided at last


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Meantime I am packing, sorting, jettisoning… Yes, this post comes to you from Surry Hills, not Wollongong.

So I have nothing to add to all the pundits on this, except the hope that a parliament where voting on party lines may not work any more will lead to some real discussion of issues that arise. If so, parliament may come closer to what it should be.


3 thoughts on “Australia – Election 2010 decided at last

  1. Agreed, agreed. Only good can come of the structure of government that has emerged.

    Every one of the 76 should have a full medical immediately.

    Incidentally, the photo of Julia that you’ve posted looks very risque. Her neckline goes well south, how far south we are left to imagine.

  2. Why’d you use such an ugly photo of her? She’s actually not that bad looking, as political women go. She’s no Margaret Thatcher of course, but still. It looks like you’ve yellowed her central incisors. Don’t do that. It’s mean and pointless. Like burning korans or building a victory mosque at ground zero. No good comes of any of those things.

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