Old times revisited

I went shopping at The Figtree Centre, walking distance though I caught a bus back.



From a coffee shop in Figtree Centre

After lunch I called in at The Illawarra Grammar School, where I used to work and had a chat with Rob Whitton, an English teacher there now, whom I taught in the Class of 1971!

It turns out that John Traas, the person I thought I had seen in Wollongong in January, is dead. It  seems I saw an amazing doppelganger, whose name apparently is Bill – see the comment on that post. I saw the same person in Sydney a few weeks back and spoke to him, and it definitely isn’t John, but the resemblance even close-up is amazing.




Gift received today

It also turns out that Rob at one stage was a colleague of Kim Jaggar, current SBHS principal! Apparently KJ once gave ennui as a reason for a day off and it was accepted! 🙂