The Oz election fallout – week 2

As negotiations recommence we are told we should know the outcome soonish, possibly by the end of this week. Here is a summary of where things stand at the moment.

I have just heard Fran Kelly interviewing Rob Oakeshott on RN Breakfast. I am impressed by his clear-headedness. From what he said it appears some Coalition individuals, especially from the National Party, are trying to bury their own side’s chances with standover tactics and dirty tricks. Oakeshott specifically said these were coming from one side only. This could lead to an own goal.


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  1. I don’t often agree with Paul Sheehan in the SMH but he does have a point today. The average Labor vote in the electorates of the three amigos was 13.9%, it seems.

    Katter has said that if his constituents need re-educating, he is prepared to re-educate them. The other two have been silent.

    I find it hard to imagine that any of the three will put Labor into power on the strength of such a paltry vote. All three, after all, have spoken strongly about loyalty to their own electorates.

    Get ready for Abbott and Truss (who?)

  2. Rob Oakeshott was saying he found in his own canvassing of his electorate that voters understood that the national interest, as he perceived it, could override these figures, and claims most of the voters he had spoken to understood that. He, therefore, was still not favouring one side or the other.

    Fran Kelly’s interview has now appeared on ABC News.

    Key independent MP Rob Oakeshott has called on Tony Abbott to explain the behaviour of Coalition MPs who he says are trying to drum up a smear campaign against him.

    The Member for Lyne has accused some politicians of briefing journalists in an attempt to run up dirt stories, and says others are making “Rambo style” phone calls to him.

    Mr Oakeshott has described a phone call from a Liberal MP, in which the MP told Mr Oakeshott’s wife that “the devil” was calling, as “concerning”.

    And he says the Opposition Leader must explain what is going on.

    “Is this a strategic move to try and destabilise this whole process, destabilise government, spend up to $50 million of Australians’ taxpayers money in going back to the ballot box?” he told Radio National.

    “If that is the game, it needs to be flushed out early.

    “If we are operating in good faith, leaders need to either pull in the rogues or explain their strategy as to why they want to destabilise this thing.”

    Mr Oakeshott and the other independents are on their way to Canberra today to hold talks with the Opposition Leader and caretaker Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the formation of a minority government.

    They will also receive briefings from ministers, department heads and Treasury on the impact of both parties’ election promises on the budget bottom line.

    Nationals MPs – some of whom are unhappy with the concessions being offered to secure the support of the country independents – are also meeting in Parliament House today to consider what they will demand of Tony Abbott in a Coalition government.

    Nationals Leader Warren Truss has not been part of the negotiations with the independents, all of whom used to be Nationals MPs.

    Mr Oakeshott says he suspects the Nationals are feeling “crowded out”.

    “I do get a sense that they are making this a very difficult process for Tony Abbott to negotiate in good faith on,” he said.

    A spokesman for Mr Truss says any smear allegations are untrue and yesterday Mr Abbott warned his MPs not to hassle the independents.

    “No-one should be pressured or heavied, and that’s the counsel I’m giving to everyone,” he said.

    Despite his being in favour of the NBN, Bob Katter is unlikely to support Labor, I would have thought.

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