Meanwhile we still have a hung parliament

In case anyone was still wondering, see Australia’s hung Parliament explained. The ABC is also a good place to follow developments.

The cartoonists are having a field day. Here’s John Spooner in The Age.


I, meanwhile, am still helpless with laughter at the new improved Tony Abbott’s call for a kinder, gentler polity.


5 thoughts on “Meanwhile we still have a hung parliament

  1. You are so frickin’ lucky. I’m quite jealous. A hung Parliament is the absolute best thing that can happen to a democracy, a republic, or a place that’s almost a republic such as Australia. Here’s why:


    Politicians don’t give freedom. They take it away. With unending arrays of laws. So your freedoms will not be curtailed for at least a year! Bastard! I call you ‘bastard’ because I’m jealous.

  2. After a week or two we will have one or other of the parties forming a minority government, as recently happened in the UK.

  3. Rly? I thought the conservatives in GB had solid control under Cameron, the guy who made the movie called The Titanic and that scifi movie about blue American Indians.

    Anyway, we will hopefully be following your lead in a couple of months. It looks like we’ll be voting in a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, effectively hanging our government too. Sadly, we need a few disastrous laws repealed, and that can’t be done during a split government. But at least we won’t be getting any new disastrous laws passed for a couple of years.

    It’s an Anglosphere renaissance for a little bit!

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