Following up on yesterday – and one bonus bit or craziness

Thanks first to Bedanga, my scientific and mathematical Indian friend on Facebook, for liking yesterday’s entry. Always makes me feel more confident when someone not a BA (Hons) in English (as I am) finds my propositions sensible. 😉

Yesterday’s post ended with the latest global temperature measurements. Naturally, since the AGW blindfolders don’t like what they see there they go on to deny the validity of the data. It’s an old one but a goodie from their perspective. Of satellites and temperatures counters their doubts.

There are a variety of rumors floating around the "skeptic" blogosphere involving claimed problems with satellite temperature measurements.  Unfortunately, there is a great deal of confusion on this point.  While a lengthy analysis of this topic would be useful, for now we will just briefly hit the main points:

  • These stories were sparked by image maps of surface temperatures for the US/Canada Great Lakes posted by an automated processing system at the NOAA-funded Great Lakes Coastwatch program website.  In areas with full or partial cloud cover, these maps sometimes show obviously erroneous temperature estimates over the lakes.
  • There is a great deal of confusion about whether this represents a broader problem with satellite temperature measurements, and perhaps "invalidates" the satellite temperature record.

Another discussion of the possible link between anthropogenic global warming and the extreme events in Pakistan, Russia etc: Are 2010 weather extremes a sign of global climate change?  from Climate Science Watch.

Now play “spot the loonie” with the following videos. Some are loonies, but some are not. Far be it from me to suggest who the loonie[s] is [are], but I don’t think you will find it hard to guess:

OK, did you get it? Only one video featured any dead-set loonies. Which one was it?

You may find a whole barrel of them on CFact TV, a product of the think tank Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow brought to you by Exxon-Mobil etc. We in Oz have our very own Senator Dingbat Steve Fielding listed there as one of their “expert” speakers!

Finally, loonies on another topic, thanks to Len in Texas.

Right wing extremists are now spouting the theory (they call it fact) that pregnant women from the Middle East and from Mexico are coming into the United States for the sole purpose of having their babies and then taking them back home to raise as terrorists that will then return to the United States (as U.S. citizens) and blow the place up. Last night, Anderson Cooper had one of the proponents of that theory, U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on his show. He asked Rep. Gohmert to present any proof that he or his cohorts might possess in support of their theory. He got no proof in response to his request, but he certainly got an entertaining meltdown and tantrum from Mr. Gohmert…

10 thoughts on “Following up on yesterday – and one bonus bit or craziness

  1. No one should underestimate the virulence of the far Right in the Yew Ess of Ay. The furore over the proposal for a mosque not far from Ground Zero is but one example.

    Neocons and others continue to agitate for war against Iran. My guess is that sooner or later Israel will initiate the proceedings and that there will be considerable political support within the Congress for the US to weigh in. I’m not sure that the military leadership would share that view.

    The American war machine is constantly trumpeted as the world’s most deadly force. At ‘shock and awe’ they are peerless. At counterinsurgency they are useless.

    The US war machine has been mocked by peasants in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The far Right’s take on events is that anti-war activists sabotaged the war effort in Vietnam and that Iraq can be counted as a victory (as claimed recently by one John McCain). Casting aside the history books the far Right continues to claim that Afghanistan can be ‘won’, whatever that means in terms of a spurious statement of military mission.

    We’ll be back in Boston for Thanksgiving and Christmas and will again revel in the joys of New England. I will devote no more than one hour to watching the Fox Channel. Anything over one hour induces nausea and is a waste of precious holiday time.

  2. Re Len’s videos: quite right. Let’s hope that corrects itself; a YouTube problem as Len’s links are correct.

    • Comprehensive fail, Roger. Did you bother to read the previous post?

      Can we know that global warming is behind Pakistan’s and Russia’s recent catastrophes?

      The short answer is “No” – but…

      Yesterday in Alex Au “Yawning Bread” – very wise words from Singapore I particularly admired this:

      The fact is, when it comes to knowledge, we’re always swimming in a soup of relativity and incomplete data; this is true even when it comes to scientific knowledge. The ability to deal critically with the relative and the incomplete is what makes intelligence. It is those who cannot function under these conditions and must cling to absolutes, who ultimately do not understand the world.

      Climate science is one discipline where the findings are inevitably relative and incomplete, such is the complexity of the factors, not all of them certain, which shape climate. That does not invalidate the 90% certainty most reputable scientists both within and outside the climate science discipline attribute to its major findings and prognoses. That is in fact a very high degree of certainty. However, somewhat less certainty applies when commenting on a particular event such as the current floods in Pakistan, parts of India and China and the extraordinary weather seen in Russia this summer…

      Happy cherry picking.

  3. Im simply pointing out that alarmists have jumped onto the heat in Russia as proof of Global Warming, whereas during the cold winter when many felt that the conditions then disproved global warming, it was claimed that the extreme cold was only a local and brief event (which it wasn’t) and therefore had no bearing on global warming at all.
    I trust you grasp the inconsistancy there.

  4. And chances are the “alarmists” are right in this case. We’ll know that if such things, which even you must concede are extraordinary, continue to happen with greater than expected frequency.

  5. Right, so to jump to one conclusion or another without due thought will bring out the truth right?

    I learned this at Sunday School too. Perhaps you are 2,000 years too late in your prediction.:)

    “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

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