Things to like about Wollongong — 2

1. Did I mention “no cars”?


Crown Street yesterday

2. Free shuttle bus


3. Devonshire teas


6 thoughts on “Things to like about Wollongong — 2

  1. Haha oops. I just looked up billabong and it’s not what I thought it was. I thought it was a tree! So I guess it WOULD be wrong…

  2. The cars are gone in Wallongong, so say ‘so long’ – you’ll have to walk to get along. It’s quite unlike Hong Kong, this Wallongong. There’re no cars all year long.

    Darn, I’m out of ‘ong’ words. Couldn’t figure out how to work ‘vietcong’ into the comment 😦 Oh well, have a nice day. Don’t smoke a bong! It would be wrong. Instead, play ping pong.

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