Life’s little ironies

This weekend Miranda Devine almost persuaded me to vote for the Greens. She certainly makes them sound better than the major parties.

There’s a lot more Brown and the Greens want if Labor wins: mandated zero net greenhouse gas emissions, the effective end of coal-fired power generation, phasing out of coal exports, a ban on new coalmines or power stations, removal of GM crops, and active discouragement of cars. They want a ban on the exploration, mining and export of uranium, and closure of the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, which produces medical isotopes used for cancer treatment. They want to restrict funding of private schools. They want to abolish mandatory detention of asylum seekers, and to expand the definition of refugee to include ”environmental” or ”sexuality” refugees. They want to legislate for same-sex marriage, tinker with age of consent laws, establish ”intersex” as a legal gender, fund gender reassignment, require government to consult lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex people on policy, and provide easier access to abortion. On drugs, they are harm minimisation all the way, with more needle exchange programs and injecting rooms. And be prepared for a barrage of nanny-statism, starting with a ban on junk food advertising.

I am not as dead against nuclear energy, a foible I share with climate change guru James Hansen, but otherwise they sound very sensible to me. Thanks, Miranda, I’ll think about it.

Such a shame Miranda still believes the earth is flat. Sorry, that’s not it. Such a shame Miranda doesn’t believe the HIV virus causes AIDS. No, that’s not it, even if the folk at Quadrant gave that bit of crap more respect than it deserves. (See Three magazines and an amazing AIDS story….)

I know there’s some pseudo-scientific codswallop she still believes in. What was it now? Oh yes, I’ve got it!

Lo, a new climate change commission to propagandise the people … er, ”explain” the science of climate change.

That’s right, despite scientists of the eminence of Stephen Hawking and Peter Doherty believing the evidence is in. I mean, what would they know when Miranda and Alan Jones know better. See Fact and fiction and climate change.

Mind you, Miranda isn’t so far off the mark in being unimpressed by Julia’s approach to the issue.