Election 2010

As all Australians know we now get to decide between the Abbott and the Gillard. With the possible exception of a psychic octopus your most reliable guide to the outcome are the twenty gifted seers who have responded to my poll on the outcome. Unfortunately they seem split between a close win by Labor and a hung House of Reps with Greens or Independents having balance of power – in the Reps, note, which assumes at least one Green will be there. Will it be so? My grandnephew contributed a walkover for the Coalition.

That sorted, let us see which posts have starred on this blog in the past seven days.

254 hit the home page, and after that we have:

  1. Monckton — the follow-up 65
  2. A couple of good pieces in the Weekend Oz 37
  3. Of the boat arrivals, past figures showed… 26
  4. Claims that refugees and asylum seekers 19
  5. Armageddon tired of this debate… 19
  6. Graham Little – Sad news 13
  7. Fact and fiction and climate change 10
  8. Thank God for the Salvos … Recent reading/viewing on climate change… 9
  9. Nostalgia and the globalising world … 9
  10. Africa in South Sydney 8

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2 thoughts on “Election 2010

  1. I’ve just seen the interim results of the poll conducted by the Melbourne ‘Herald Sun’ on preferred PM, voter intention etc. The results were farcically skewed, indicating to me that the Libs had a team of people working the Net. Things are so much more sophisticated than when I was a Branch Secretary in the late 60s. Ah, for the days of a mike on the back of a truck. It was always important to remember to have an umbrella to hand to hold over the candidate. We also had a couple of public meetings, come to think of it. They had lost their popularity and their impetus. I hired a small hall in 1969. Even a small hall could not be made to look filled by 20 people!

    As an aside, before our Richmond Federal Electorate Council held the joint meeting with Tweed FEC to determine our two votes for Senate preselection, two designated Senators (Tony Mulvilhill from the Right, Doug McClelland from the Left) would fly up to address us and try to persuade us. They had to come, of course, but their presence made no difference to our votes : 1 for the Right, 1 for the Left. The appearance of democracy but in fact counting nothing towards what Head Office had decided.

    At the conclusion of our meetings, at Lismore Workers Club, the Right would go to one end of the big bar with Tony and the Left would go to the other end with Doug, in order to bad mouth each other. Then we’d have lunch and I’d drive both Senators to the airport at Casino.

    In my brief stint in Young Labor in 1968 I saw the apprenticeship stage of the careers of the likes of Keating, Dyer, Brereton, Walker and several others. The animosity had to be experienced to be believed. The Right of course had the numbers and always prevailed.

    One meeting something went wrong and the Left had the numbers. They passed a resolution establishing some position or other, I can’t remember what. The next meeting the Right had the numbers again and promptly abolished the position.

    The more things change…

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