Did Serbia or Australia win?

Well here I am back from Dr C’s and I still don’t know the answer to that question.

What I do know is

  • We now have a woman as Prime Minister;
  • My sidebar poll is consequently out of date. By the way, according to the poll Election 10 (11?) will lead to a hung parliament.

Oh: “Australia has bowed out of the World Cup in South Africa despite a brave 2-1 win over Serbia at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.”


3 thoughts on “Did Serbia or Australia win?

  1. Kevin Rudd had a sex change!!? I know that the Gillard lady didn’t win, because just last month you told me how the polls showed Rudd with a strong lead.

    🙂 Heh. Don’t worry. She’s only there ’till around March. Australia is on the long march back to greatness! Grats! Maybe not as great as when John Howard was at the helm, but pretty close. *hurray*



  2. Wait, Gillard DID win! Tim said she would, Neil said she wouldn’t. Tim Blair, at 1-0, is now the most prescient Australian alive! Neil is zero for one. If we extrapolate that info, we can see that the liberal party, of which Tim is a member, is right 100% of the time, and labor, of which Neil is a fan, is right 0% of the time.

    In fairness, I should admit that I used faulty logic and statistical analysis to come up with the previous statement. But I won’t! And you can’t make me :).

    FWIW, Tim Blair is the best thing Australia has created since it made John Howard. He’s even better than Andrew Bolt, if you can believe it. It’s close, but I don’t think Australia made Bolt anyway, so it’s not worth discussing.

    Go Australia!

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