Watch this space


One of these people will be Prime Minister of Australia tomorrow

ABC pic links to story.

Keating/Hawke memories…

2 thoughts on “Watch this space

  1. Actually, maybe they both will be; Kevin first and then Julia. More importantly (and I thought this was what your heading was about), will Australia make it into the final 16 in the World Cup? I’m just joking. Or will Kevin (from Louisiana) and Thorpey take over in a gay green UN islamic world government.

    I’m appreciating your sensible contributions concerning Islam, by the way, Neil. I think Islam is no more than impure evil (like Christianity, Judaism, etc.) rather than pure evil but that’s a personal view.

  2. You are the perfect tool for an evil god, Marty. Suggesting that one religion is as evil as the rest despite what your insides are telling you is exactly what evil desires.

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