Kevin 11 — will there be such a person?

I rather like Dennis Shanahan’s comment: “Tony Abbott has suddenly closed on Kevin Rudd as the preferred prime minister by saying almost nothing.”

And I have now read the famous Quarterly Essay on Rudd by David Marr.

I find the essay excellent, even if the psychologising may be open to question. Just as interesting are the comments by various people on Waleed Aly’s account of conservatism in the previous Quarterly Essay.

Mind you last week’s Q&A took a strange but hilarious turn!


5 thoughts on “Kevin 11 — will there be such a person?

  1. I’m responding to your last extract, re sex and companion animals.

    It does happen – Judge Delaney had a case involving a man who was guilty because he and his wife had been having “consensual sex with the family dog” – it’s not clear how the judge knew it was consensual, unless it was the sort of activity described by Singer (which, of course, sounds like sex for the human but maybe not for the animal).


    I thought the panellists other than Singer, and especially the psychiatrist, who ought to have known a lot better, gave pathetic responses. Obviously the 2 politicians had too much to lose if they did not distance themselves from the thought instantly.

  2. Hehehehehe *rubbing hands together evilly* I never liked the idea of Australia having a Kevin in charge. There can be only one! Let me be the first to say that I’m happy that you’ll only have to be dealing with him for another 8 months or so, and then you can get back to the John Howard style leadership that made Australia a shining light on the hill for over a decade. Congratulations! Sure, no one can be quite as awe inspiring as John Howard, but anything’s better than a Rudd. Right? Am I right? Except a green candidate, of course.

    Heh, I almost linked that last video in your comments, but I was afraid you might call me a genophobe or a speciophobe. I mean, since you seem to equate disagreement with ideas to phobias. Familophobe? Is that a word?

  3. And now Kevin’s comments are appearing next to semi-naked images of someone he assures us is a pornographic gay dude. It’ll be gay green islamic UN world government?

  4. Yes, Thorpie did seem to worry Kevin, but the alignment is temporary, Martin. In a week or two Thorpie will be gone.

  5. I’ve given up on that subject. Neil won. But I hope you realize that I wasn’t bothered by his nakedness or gayness. I was bothered by the image of your site it creates. I mean, imagine if WSJ had a photo of a semi naked gay guy above the fold every day. Or if GQ magazine didn’t.

    You understand what I’m saying, right?

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