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Amusing, I thought.

Wordle also has some useful educational applications, as Darcy Moore has noted. Darcy also notes a NSW irony:

… Year 11 will have virtually no opportunity, in their day at school, to use a computer or the many tools available online. During this presentation, I acknowledged that the student delegates will just have to use all this stuff at home.

One kid pointed out, that even if they had DERNSW laptops, software could not be installed and many of the sites, especially social media and collaboration tools, would be blocked anyway.

I was surprised at how little they knew of the tools discussed. The students were unfamiliar with all the tools, except iGoogle.

On a positive note, the delegates were enthusiastic about what they could do at home. They were particularly keen on Wordle, GAPMINDER, Slideshare, Evernote, Prezi and Wolfram Alpha

Two of those are new to me.

Look too at  How the World Spends Its Time Online [Infographic].


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  1. With two recalcitrant Kevin’s to deal with, that’s understandable. I found the use of UN’s and islam’s rather than UN and Islam and the likelihood that Louisiana probably has little to do with oil spillage interesting. Maybe without meaning to you’ve stumbled on the code for the two Kevins’ plan to form a green islamic UN world government in Baton Rouge with a total ban on oil. I’m calling my book the Whitfield Files.

  2. I found Prezi during my first prac (2008) and, while I didn’t have the facilities to use it there, I kept a note of it and worked away to make some for random topics I might teach when I graduated. Then I had to do a presentation at university in regards to my honours and they said “use PowerPoint”. Everyone did a God-awful and boring job with PowerPoint (which has really been used to death and superceded), and I used a well prepared Prezi presentation which blew everyone away. Since then, my year at uni has been using it and has recently begun using it on prac for teaching.

    If Prezi isn’t *the* best way to make a presentation in an education setting, then I do not know what is. It is far more engaging, interesting, and manageable. I can see upgrades to it down the track where it becomes more interactive with additional features for editors.

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