Oh, Kevin! What a fine mess you’ve got yourself into…

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See The Poll Bludger:

…the latest monthly Nielsen poll, published in today’s Fairfax broadsheets, is a shocker for the government. The Coalition has opened a 53-47 lead on two-party preferred, from primary votes of 43 per cent for the Coalition, 33 per cent for Labor and 15 per cent for the Greens. The Herald reports this is Labor’s worst result since just after the September 11 attacks. The sample for the poll is 1400…

[On support for the proposed super-profits tax on mining.]


Not a good look.

See Jim Belshaw: A note on the mining super profits tax. Very judicious. Tonight’s Four Corners sounds promising on that.

A poll for you


You will note I have included a very unlikely scenario, but you never know. It just could happen.

4 thoughts on “Oh, Kevin! What a fine mess you’ve got yourself into…

  1. I really find myself in an odd position, Neil.

    My argument all along has been an attempt to get Kevin07 to change his approach. When I wrote a long time ago that if he didn’t the ALP might lose the election, I really didn’t expect that the weaknesses I identified would lead to where we are now. As you know, I am not an ALP supporter. But i wanted Mr Rudd to have the same liberating effect as the first period of the Hawke Government.

    To the degree that my arguments focus on systemic weaknesses over and beyond Mr Rudd’s style, I just don’t see Mr Abbott as any better. Neither sees it. Indeed, in some ways Mr Abbott is a K. clone. I am not speaking of policy here, but style. Both grab for the main event, both are simplistic, both will continue current trends in approach that don’t and cannot work.

    I don’t see Bob as an alternative. So where do we go? Just hope, I guess, that one of them can break out.

  2. I used to be a True Believer but have become disillusioned, indeed of both sides. If I were the Libs now I’d put in Turnbull and Hockey, play it safe and win by panels of fencing (as the late Ken Howard used to say). The notion of Abbott/Bishop is unthinkable. Bishop makes Palin look perceptive. Abbott is a goose, with apologies to geese everywhere.

    Rudd is a control freak whose political judgment is suspect. I imagine he would have run a tight ship for the Premier in Queensland, as G Gleeson did in NSW, but as PM he is a shingle short of what is required.

    I suspect that Obama is going to be a oncer. Watch out for David Petraeus to put himself up for the GOP.

  3. Tales of a True Believer.

    In 1969-70 I was Branch Secretary of the Lismore, NSW Branch of the ALP. That was Doug Anthony heartland, as it had been before and as it became afterward. Bruce Duncan had the State seat sewn up. As TBs, however, we did our thing at election times.

    The booth at rural Wyrallah is a good example. 32 on the roll. No one to hand out dodgers so I hung a few near the gate on a bent bit of wire. The Country Party people would leave them there because they wanted to identify anyone who took one. One year I was told : ‘Some bastard voted Labor last time and we’ve been trying to find him ever since’.

    We were, however, instrumental in getting Al Grassby elected in Riverina by the simple act of running a candidate against Doug Anthony, forcing Doug to speak at street meetings in Ballina etc when he could have been speaking in the main street of Griffith. I can recall giving Doug a bit of a heckle as he stood on the back of a truck talking to about 10 people. When he’d finished he shook my hand and said : ‘That was just like the old days’.

    The Lismore/Tweed Federal Electorate Council had somehow found a candidate, a retired pharmacist. Our Lismore President, an old hand if ever there was one whom the NSW Right machine refused to give a spot in the Legislative Council because he was a rabid leftie, insisted that we put a strict budget on the campaign including ‘no television’. ‘You’ll see’, the old hand said. ‘He (the candidate) will go into a pub in Mullumbimby where the cow cockies will tell him that they’ve had a gutful of Doug and that they intend to vote Labor’.

    Sure enough, the candidate reported just that. He paid for his own TV ads, ironically to a TV station owned by Country Party interests.

    Doug of course got 65% of the vote and pissed it in. But Grassby got up in Riverina. Whether or not that proved to be a good thing can be debated elsewhere.

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