And now look what arrived from 1954!

Yes, I will be responding…

Hi Neil,
G’day if you are the real Neil Whitfield, and G’day if you are not.
I have lost touch with quite a few of my old classmates, and only see a few from time to time. Most recently, I attended the Funeral of Graham Taylor, who passed away after a long battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Eddie Messiter was there, David Anderson, and many others from the old Sutherland Woronora RLFC.
I had lunch with Peter Meadows about 18 months ago just a couple of km from where we live. That is, we now live in Qld., moving here in 1980 after a couple of breakdowns.
Our kids did well; twin boys, one Physiotherapist, the other Civil Engineer. the youngest, a girl is an IT Graduate and a stay-at-home Mum.
If you are the REAL Neil Whitfield, who always beat me for 1st in the class, flick me an email. If not, however don’t bother…………….Cheers……………..Les

Well I’ll be blowed!