Thanks, Andrew – and something about software

This blog went bananas yesterday: 221 views, which means May is already close to April’s total. It seems I should thank Andrew Bolt, as quite a few came here from his blog, attracted by the David Campbell post. Speaking if Bolt: Duchess sells her ex-husband. Oh Fergie, Fergie! That is indeed a sorry tale.

Funny thing is the photo blog also did well yesterday with 105 views instead of the usual 20 to 50 and English/ESL managed 424, despite nothing there being new. Perhaps it was the wet day. 😉


I check Gizmo’s Freeware Reviews quite often. I find it generally reliable. Yesterday I noticed in the “new posts” section Best Free Media Center Software. It recommended XBMC Media Center. I decided to give it a go.


I am very impressed. Much better than the Windows Media Centre that comes with Windows 7, especially in the video department. It takes a short orientation period to work out a few things, but it isn’t too hard. There are Mac and Linux versions too.