How young we were!

Yes, not all that much older than the class. And a good English class it was too! There’s a present Professor from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and U Sydney in the back row for starters…

Cronulla High 1968

Me in 1968 -- and I don't remember this being taken!

Thanks to Marilyn Markham (Berriman) Cronulla High Class of 68. I think that’s her end front row right.

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  1. I forgot the gloves and hats we had to wear. I shall look for my Wiley Park Girls Photos. We were not allowed to speak to Belmore Boys ( not even to cousins or brothers ). Thank you for the memory nudge, Neil.

  2. A joke doing the rounds at the time at CHS was that if the Boss found two students screwing in the bushes he would check that the girl had her gloves and correct stockings and go on his way…

    Oh, and on close inspection I see there are TWO current RPAH Professors in the back row! Cousins.

    • That joke is spot on ! As Homer says, it’s funny ‘cos it’s true – well, almost. Who can forget the gloves, mandatory brown socks (white were a hanging offence), brown shoes, moulded beret, panama hat, those PE bloomers and stockings with SUSPENDERS! No wonder we were such outstanding students. It must have been the uniform code.

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  4. Reflections arising from high school days…

    Jeanne and I were in the Class of 1960 at Lismore High School. Of the 98 in the group, probably the one to wind up most successful financially dropped out of Arts I, drove a cab for 18 months*, got a job with W/worths introducing a new detergent line down the east coast of Oz; went off on spec to Taiwan where luck brought him to the notice of an American toy executive who told him to ring should he ever venture to The Big Apple. He made the call eventually, got a well paid job instantly and went on to spend many years as a senior executive (blame him for the Star Wars figurines for starters). He of the Class is the one who has a holiday home in the Bahamas, a wonderful new home beachside in a quiet part of Maui, his own airplane and a few other such pleasantries of life. He speaks fluent Mandarin due to his long business association with China. So yes… it is interesting to reflect on who did what and how. Our Class of 1960 is holding a reunion late this year.

    * Bill tells hilarious stories of his time in cabs, especially as he worked around the Cross. He once took a drunken bloke to the Gap. When the fellow declared his intention to jump, Bill said ‘Then give me your wallet’. ‘Why?’ asked the fellow. ‘Because you won’t need it where you’re going and I could do with the cash’, replied Bill. The man thought for a moment then asked to be driven back to the Cross.

    The working girls got to know Bill and often used his cab to go to some seedy nearby hotel. The girls would often tell him to wait with the meter running. ‘This won’t take long’, they would tell him and they would put the acid on the client afterward to give Bill a tip.

    A few of the drivers would meet for coffee around midnight at a venue at the Cross. One night a belligerent young man started to give aggro to Bill, to the point where Bill felt apprehension for his safety. At the critical point a loud voice boomed across the room. ‘Touch him and I’ll put a f****** bullet in you!’ said the voice. It belonged to one of Sydney’s top crime bosses who had recognised Bill from earlier visits and had taken a liking to him, knowing that Bill was a regular driver for his girls. The belligerent young man could not get out of there fast enough.

  5. Was the skewed gender ratio typical at that time for what I assume was a top-streamed English class?

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