Stats for March 2010

This blog, according to WordPress stats, fell short of having its best month so far: best was January at 2,506 views. March was 2,452.  Here are the most read posts in March:

  1. Climate change is real, real, real… 178
  2. SBY’s speech in the Australian parliament 107
  3. Open Letter from U.S. Scientists on the IPCC 75
  4. What do we know about climate change? 56
  5. Nostalgia and the globalising world 46
  6. Goodbye Cracker Night! 35
  7. The incomparable norrie 34
  8. Some of my best friends are gay –- 33
  9. Not everything in this life is as simple 32
  10. With apologies to my grandnephews and grandnieces 32

I am seeing my brother, niece and her husband, and the kids – not kids any longer really – tomorrow. Should I tease them about their RL team’s 14 straight losses? 😉

The Photo Blog was down with 1,500 views – still not bad. Saturday: Sydney Future Music Festival 2010 was the most popular post in March.


Sitemeter shows the best month in the last twelve for the combined blogs (excluding English/ESL): 14,112 views from 11,587 visitors.

And all blogs including English/ESL have so far been visited from 215 different countries.