A short break for some visuals

I have been busy sifting a lot of evidence for my recent additions to Open Letter from U.S. Scientists on the IPCC, prompted by rogerthesurf, clearly a serial commenter on climate change posts — Results 1 – 10 of about 18,800 for rogerthesurf. See his blog Global Warming (or is it Global Cooling?). Nonetheless I have been glad of the opportunity Roger has provided, even if I doubt I will persuade him. He has however led me, a non-scientist, to be able to say with becoming uncertainty – as any scientist would usually wish — “Neil James Whitfield is almost feeling that he can tell good science from junk science when it comes to Climate Change.” A scientific Indian Facebook friend liked that. 🙂

Therefore a break – just a short one – with some pics of people around a warm autumn Surry Hills.