What do we know about climate change?

This video is excellent. Thanks to Tim Lambert for drawing it to our attention. It is also very recent, citing studies published this year. Very solid empirical science, but with some humorous intercuts.

Makes you wonder how anyone could be a skeptic, really…

National Curriculum: a question

Someone out there may be able to answer this for me: What exactly does “It is expected that the implementation of the Australian curriculum (K-10) will be well underway in 2013 across the country” mean? When will the first students be sitting for the Australian Certificate of Education? You will note that page dates from 2006, the Howard years; the ACE continues to be the end point under the current regime.

I think back to my first year of teaching: 1966. The implementation of the Wyndham Report (1956) had just reached Year 11, and there was a small group of “repeats” sitting for the final Leaving Certificate that year. The first HSC was 1967 – and how nervous we all were. Syllabuses for Years 11 and 12 had been published just a few years earlier: we were given copies in Dip Ed 1965. Junior syllabuses had minor revisions, incorporating the new Year 10 School Certificate, but fully reformed syllabuses – in English anyway – for Years 7-10 did not appear until 1971-1972.

Wyndham reformed the structure of NSW education as well as the content of syllabuses, making it possibly a more radical reform than that currently under way – although some states will have to redefine boundaries between primary and secondary to accommodate the 2010+ changes.

My point is a new curriculum does not get implemented overnight. If it works its way up year by year it will be 2020-something before the ACE makes its appearance. Is that the case? What is the actual plan for full implementation?

Kind of related

The March South Sydney Herald is now available, so my article (page 9) on the My School website is now un-passworded. They’ve given me a new headline.

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