Monday retrospective: 22 February

This blog:

14 February: I’m old-fashioned in my way…; Peter Garrett and the insulation tragedies. 15 February: Pauline Hanson – exit pursued by a bear; Taking time to think about the controversies now hitting “climate change”; Pune And After. 16 February:Piers Akerman channels Sir John Houghton; Protected: First draft: my South Sydney Herald NAPLAN story. 17 February: Random, but age may be part of it; Fooling around. 18 February: SBHS, Science, certainty, climate change. 19 February:Sorry — but this is about climate change again; In praise of “Billy Elliott”. 20 February: Having strayed into film study yesterday…; Jon Taplin has a valuable post today; We are so lucky to have the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). 21 February: The vibrant world of Australian Indigenous music.

And a new page: Climate change is real, real, real….

Neil’s Sydney Photo Blog:

14 February: Year of the Tiger. 15 February: National Gallery, Canberra. 16 February: lake burley griffin, canberra: 1. 17 February: lake burley griffin, canberra: 2. 18 February: canberra miscellaneous. 19 February: national gallery: sculpture garden; outside the national gallery, canberra. 20 February: fooling around. 21 February: back in good old belmore park!

The template change there on 16 February produces lower case headings.

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