Random, but age may be part of it


I’ve been housekeeping here again. Such a shame my real-life housekeeping isn’t as diligent!

So you see on this blog the same template with a new colour scheme and banner. I hope you like the changes.

The photoblog has suffered a couple of template changes in the past month. I have now returned to one of the past faves, but again with a new banner.

Jim Belshaw

On Facebook Jim has indicated that he may be rationalising his blog activities. As well as Personal Reflections, the one I read most, Jim has:

Belshaw’s Blogs

Economics, Management
Managing the Professional Services Firm – ways to improve management within professional services.
Management Perspectives – observations on economics and management.

Regional Australia
New England, Australia – history, life and culture of Australia’s New England Region.
Regional Living Australia – work, life and play in Regional Australia.
Regional Living Australia (web site) – more on work, life and play in Regional Australia.

New England’s History – discussion on the history and historiography of Australia’s New England.
History of Australian and New Zealand Thought (joint) – discussions on the evolution of thought in the two countries.

Belshaw sans words – irregular photos with a few words.

You have noticed that I am now down to just two active public blogs, plus one private adjunct to my tutoring. It will be interesting to see what Jim does.

Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite

I am not sure how many blogs Lynne has, but certainly more than one. I recently became aware of:


Click to visit

Jim, Lynne and I are all 60+, which leads to my last item…

Study: Ages of social network users

Extended Family Group In Park

Have a look.

How old is the average Twitter or Facebook user? What about all the other social network sites out there, like MySpace, LinkedIn, and so on? How is age distributed across the millions and millions of social network users out there?

To find out, we pulled together age statistics for 19 different social network sites, and crunched the numbers…