The bemused person’s guide to global warming – interesting post by Ken Parish

This appears today on Club Troppo.

… First, a brief explanation.  Until a few years ago I would have counted myself as a moderate climate change sceptic, or more accurately an agnostic.  What convinced me that carbon-driven man-made warming was not only a reality but a serious problem was an argument between the Godfather of econoblogging John Quiggin and (now deceased)  prominent Australian sceptic John Daly…

The following comment is also worth noting:

Ken Miles said:

Ken, nice post.

Some points:

* I wouldn’t pay much attention to short term changes in the temperature as there is lots of noise in the data. You risk spending your time looking for patterns in static.

* The question of what causes this noise is (in my mind) far more interesting.

* Here is a link to a blog post which looks at adjusting the temperature for volcanic and El Nino/La Nina. Once these are done, the rate of temperature change is much more linear.

Good to see discussion at a level much more promising than that generated by the likes of Lord Monckton.

Ben Eltham on Matilda has Turnbull Takes Abbott To The Cleaners, a good follow-up to my post today.

… Turnbull makes the obvious — and highly ironic — point that by using "market forces" to address climate change, the Government’s CPRS "is far more in the great traditions of modern liberalism" than Tony Abbott’s new policy. (You can see footage of the speech on this Fairfax article by Michelle Grattan and Tom Arup.)

"After all," he continued, "I have always believed that Liberals reject the idea that government knows best and embrace the idea that government’s job is to enable each of us to do our best. This ETS allows Australian businesses to make their own decisions as how to reduce their emissions."

Turnbull pointed out that "schemes where bureaucrats and politicians pick technologies and winners, doling out billions of taxpayers dollars, [are] neither economically efficient, nor will [they] be environmentally effective."

He also skewered, once and for all, the idea that Australia should wait for action from the US and other big polluting nations before implementing our own emissions reduction measures. "Far from being in front of the world in action to reduce emissions, we start way behind because our per capita emissions are so large and because our sources of energy are overwhelmingly dependent on burning coal."

It was a double-barreled broadside at the Coalition’s new climate change policy, released last week, which eschews a cap on carbon and instead proposes exactly what Turnbull decries, doling out billions in taxpayer dollars to big polluters…

My Google Reader

Lately I have added a number of first-rate science and climate sites to my Google Reader. Given the tone of so much being said now, and my own lack of expertise, I felt that was the best service I could offer on behalf of the sane side(s) of the debate in this election year.

Note too  The John Ray Initiative: JRI Newsletter No 22- Copenhagen Special.

The John Ray Initiative (JRI) is an educational charity with a vision to bring together scientific and Christian understandings of the environment in a way that can be widely communicated and lead to effective action. It was formed in 1997 in recognition of the urgent need to respond to the global environmental crisis and the challenges of sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

That latest newsletter is by Sir John Houghton, so traduced of late by Lord Monckton – see my previous entry. I really believe that tells you all you need to know about Monckton and nothing about Sir John Houghton.

Sir John Houghton FRS has held positions as chairman or co-chairman of Scientific Assessment for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 1988-2002, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Oxford, 1976-1983, Director General and Chief Executive of the UK Meteorological Office, 1983-1991, Chairman of the UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, 1992-1998, member of the UK Government Panel on Sustainable Development, 1994-2000. He has received numerous awards including the Japan Prize, Fellowship of the Royal Society of London and the International Meteorological Organisation Prize. In December 2007 he received the Nobel Peace Prize as part of the IPCC delegation, alongside the former vice-president of America, Al Gore. His publications include The Physics of Atmospheres(3rd edn. CUP, 2002), Global Warming: the Complete Briefing (4th ed CUP 2009) and The search for God, can science help? (Regents College Publishing, Dec 2007).


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  1. For all is illusion or at least as big an illusion as we need to fit the truth! Maybe that is what hell is really all about…time will tell, unfortunately it will be those who come after us who will be paying the price for our selfish lifestyles!

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