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See Local landmarks 6: Cleveland House:


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Down-at-heels today, this is the oldest house still standing in Surry Hills, and some say in Sydney. I have posted more on Ninglun’s Specials: —Sights of old Sydney 4: Cleveland House, Surry Hills.

Now the local paper Sydney Central reports Australia’s oldest house rundown and forgotten.

The house believed to be Australia’s oldest home, Cleveland House, has become rundown and forgotten and now faces an uncertain future amid rumours of an impending sale.

The Georgian mansion on Buckingham Street, Surry Hills is considered by heritage experts to be one of our most significant buildings, yet it sits sandwiched between surrounding apartments and terraces without even a sign to identify it.

Built in 1823-4, Cleveland House was used as a home before Cadman’s Cottage in the Rocks which is generally considered the oldest residence in Australia. However Cadman’s Cottage was first a coxwain’s barracks and did not become a residence until John Cadman moved in 1827.

However, despite its national heritage significance, the house remains virtually unknown to most people and has remained in private hands throughout its 186-year history and is presently dilapidated and shabby.

Central can now reveal that an inspector from the State Heritage Office will be inspecting the house’s condition this week.

Talks concerning the future of the house and a restoration to its former glory are underway , however it remains unclear if the property will be sold to a new owner and whether it will remain in private ownership.

Cleveland House was designed by well known colonial architect Francis Greenway for convict emancipist merchant Daniel Cooper according to the State Heritage office, which has listed the house as the oldest surviving residence in Sydney…

Let’s hope the house gets the future it, and Sydney, deserves!

Duelling lords 4: Christopher Monckton will debate Tim Lambert

“Christopher Monckton will debate Tim Lambert on global warming in the Grand Ballroom at the Sydney Hilton Hotel at 12.30pm to 2.30pm on Friday 12 February 2010.” See Deltoid for Tim’s posts on the zany Lord Monckton.


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See also Lord Monckton is on the fringe: Barnaby Joyce!

Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, the eccentric UK climate sceptic, is proving too hot for some of Australia’s most prominent climate sceptics — including Barnaby Joyce.

Joyce, who famously said that climate change sceptics were being treated like holocaust deniers and likened environmental campaigners to eco-Nazis, believes Monckton is on the fringe of the debate and unhelpful to those who question human induced climate change.

Monckton, an adviser to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, is about to embark on an Australian tour with our very own climate sceptic celebrity Ian Plimer.

The tour is reaching most of Australia, except the Northern Territory and Tasmania, and it will cost $100,000. That enormous sum is being underwritten by two semi-retired engineers in Noosa, John Smeed and Case Smit — and includes the $20,000 stipend Lord Monckton has requested to do the 13-day tour.