Duelling lords 2 — duelling videos

See also Duelling Lords (28 January).

1. Lord Monckton

October 2009. See also last night’s 7.30 Report:

…JOHN CONNOR: Claims that he’s made around a world government being formed quietly behind the scenes is just crazy stuff, frankly. And a gross misinterpretation of what was going on in the Copenhagen negotiation process.

TRACY BOWDEN: Lord Monckton’s supporters describe him as a champion of free speech and debate. But he doesn’t always appreciate the views of his opponents as a group of climate change supporters in Copenhagen discovered.

LORD CHRISTOPHER MONCKTON: You are listening now to the shouts in the background of the Hitler youth who have sprayed Copenhagen with slogans of a childish nature.

TRACY BOWDEN: So if climate change is nothing to worry about, what does Lord Monckton suggest?

LORD CHRISTOPHER MONCKTON: My advice would be to sit back, wait 10 years. If we have another 10 years during which the absurdly exaggerated temperature forecast do not come to pass it will become apparent to everyone that nothing needs to be done.

TRACY BOWDEN: Lord Monckton is due to leave Australia at the end of the week. But in a federal election year with climate change a hot button issue, debate on the subject is far from over.

The video above “is just crazy stuff, frankly” — what else could you call it? And it is the man himself, not a satirist impersonating him!

2. Lord May

July 2009