Ah, Wollongong!

Dare I quote Mr R from Facebook?

Wollongong: beach, bike path, burger. Not bad!

Perhaps near where Sirdan and I were on our Wollongong/Kiama reconnaissance.

Looking down Surf Road towards the light house

Yes, a photo I hadn’t used yet.

Forty years to the minute, almost, since I moved down to Mrs Cuell’s half house of fond memory and began my ten years in the Illawarra. (Sometimes I am sorry I left! But then lots of good things wouldn’t have happened otherwise, I guess.)

Found another old post which testifies to the brilliance of one recent graduate from the selective school down there.

From what I can see Mr R will be hard pressed to beat the experience I gather he has had at CPAHS; sometimes a new school can have its time of readjustment. There’s a sense in which you have to reestablish yourself each time you take up a new appointment.

I have to admit though that Mr R is way ahead of where I was in so many ways, when I think back to January 1970. I will certainly be eager to hear of his progress.