William and I

… well, kind of.

I did get some good pics at Redfern but unfortunately the cable I connect the camera to the computer with has failed! So all you can get is this blurry hint via my webcam.

Yes, that is William

Let’s hope I can get a replacement cable in the morning.

Prince William to have coffee at the Juice & Java…

william300 … and other dreams.

I did however mention to Kiet at the Juice & Java this morning that the Prince (left – SMH pic) was passing through, and there is a chance he’ll go to Redfern via Elizabeth Street after all. Surely he will have heard even in London how the Juice & Java is a must for coffee…

They are a bit vague about exactly when all this might happen, but he is definitely coming to Redfern this afternoon. While I do have a South Sydney Herald assignment I must complete this week, it isn’t this story.

I suppose the vagueness is security related. It was very different back in 1954, when the papers told us in detail where the Queen would be moment by moment, excluding toilet stops.

Orde_van_het_Britse_Rijk Last night’s dreams were delightfully bizarre. One involved me being awarded an OBE (right), highly unlikely on several grounds. The other was a very realistic dream about being burgled and having my laptop stolen – an event that combined two actual burglaries I think, one in 1999-2000 when M was overseas for a year, the other about six years ago when an earlier laptop was stolen. Oddly (in the dream) when I called Surry Hills police they advised me to ring 999 instead. Yes, I know it is 000 here in Oz, but I had been reading English crime fiction just before going to sleep.

Well, now to keep an eye out for the Prince.