Thoughts on Haiti

Predictably people are running Haiti through their personal ideological mincers, from Pat Robertson and pacts with the Devil on the one hand to the US Imperialism is the most EEVIL thing ever known in the universe mob on the other. I guess it is to be expected.

Haiti map from Huffington Post

Sad though. Whatever one’s views, just considering the size of the problem, dealing with a country where just about all the key bits of organisation and infrastructure are somewhere under slabs of concrete and the airport is choked and tiny makes one just boggle at the logistics involved, and the fact is the only place nearby with any hope of sorting it is the USA and the only people with the skills needed are the US military.

Imagine the outcry if the US had stayed at home!

See also Ortega Warns of US Deployment in Haiti; Frustration mounts over Haiti aid — al Jazeera; ‘Mothers were trying to shake alive their children’.

Best thing to do, aside from helping if one can, is to resist punditry on this one. Seems a bit exploitative to me to improve too much on this far from shining hour to score political points.

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