It’s no wonder we have infrastructure challenges…

Look at this map from Strange Maps.

Europe on Australia

Think about it: how to maintain quality roads and rail services (just for starters) in an area like that with a population of c.20 million. A challenge.


5 thoughts on “It’s no wonder we have infrastructure challenges…

  1. Reminds me of that chap on Q&A who wouldn’t take on board the notion of why provisioning Internet services in Australia is so very much more expensive than elsewhere. Cable-length-to-people ratio is what it’s about. (Much as is the case for all the other resources sent over a large distance of course.)

    It’s why free-market fundamentalist schemes for utilities can’t work here the same way they can (occasionally, more-or-less) overseas.

  2. And possibly also transposed further South so that Adelaide (noted for its “Mediterranean Climate”) is still on the Mediterranean Coast.

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