It’s no wonder we have infrastructure challenges…

Look at this map from Strange Maps.

Europe on Australia

Think about it: how to maintain quality roads and rail services (just for starters) in an area like that with a population of c.20 million. A challenge.

The shape of things to come

Around 40 years separates me from the generation of, shall we say, Prince William — who visits Redfern next week — Adrian Phoon, Mr Rabbit, and Thomas… This stretches out to fifty if I consider my coachees. One way of conceptualising this is to note that my 1930s and 1940s is their 1970s or 1980s.

So as from time to time I speculate about, or report the thoughts of others about, the next decade I guess I can make a comparison with H G Wells The Shape of Things to Come (1933) which maps world history from 1933 until the year 2106.

A movie version appeared in 1936.

Wikipedia notes one of the things Wells “got right”.

The book described something called the ‘World Encyclopædia Establishment’. It was founded in 2012, eleven years after Wikipedia was created. The Encyclopædia along with the ‘Central Observation Bureau’ and the ‘Record and Library Network’ were ‘complex organization of discussion, calculation, criticism and forecast’ created by the Air Dictatorship. The latter organisations have no apparent contemporary parallels.