Enjoy free internet news while you can… (updated 7pm)

This is something that may see a lot of change in the coming decade.

Today's Moir cartoon

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald is a trifle thin, as is the wont at this time of year, but it does have quite a lot of interest in it. Like everyone I am giving thought to what motivates people like the young Nigerian who attempted to blow up the Delta Airlines flight. There is an interesting article on that, and I fear that I even agree with Miranda Devine today!
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So I’m doing this really cool course at Yale…

Now there is something I couldn’t have said at the beginning of the Noughties when I had just entered the wonderful world of the Internet via dial-up and Windows 95. But today I can.

Screenshot of the Yale course

Faith and Globalization

Course Description

The impact of religious faith is profound in a world where political, economic, and social spheres are increasingly interconnected. Intentional and sustained reflection on the crucial issues of faith and globalization can lead to the kind of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence that life in the 21st century demands.
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