Christmas Day

Morning:  to South Sydney Uniting.

Lunch: to Sirdan’s and then to a place in St Peters for the actual meal. Some of the people who were at Sirdan’s party in August.


Sirdan’s Birthday

Weather forecast not so good however: Big wet: Christmas Day floods for NSW.

Was just sent a family story and posted it on Facebook.

A distant relative has just sent me a story from the 1834 Sydney Herald.

Seems my great-great…grandfather Jacob who commenced his life sentence in Sydney in 1822 ( was having a beer or three in a pub in Clarence Street on a Sunday afternoon when he complained of being robbed of seventeen silver shillings (quite a bit of cash then) by two guys, John Cochrane and Dennis Denees — free men. Joseph, a convict, was at the time a "servant" assigned to his son William (born 1812) who had arrived in Sydney as a child in 1826 — so this must have been before Jacob got his ticket-of-leave in 1834.

Seems there was some confusion about who did what, and Jacob ended up with seven days in solitary for "being in a public house tippling on Sunday."